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The Official P.A.W. Inc. Lapel Pin
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Crest History & Facts

     The Official P.A.W., Inc. Lapel Pin was commissioned by a letter – an affidavit drafted by then Presiding Bishop, Charles H. Ellis, III. It was sent from the headquarters to Dr. La Monte McNeese, historian of the Mighty First Apostolic Council of Kentucky and Tennessee.  Dr. Mac initially created the pin as a commemorative souvenir available during our historic Detroit celebration and commemoration.

      On November 24, 2014, the website, was built, and sales of the pin officially began on December 23, 2014.

    The first appearance of the Official P.A.W., Inc. Lapel Pin in the Christian Outlook magazine was January 2015.

    The first offering of pins was antique brass and 14k gold-plated. They were sold during our historic 100th Annual Convention. The prices were $10 for the antique brass and $19 for the gold-plated lapel pin.

     Later, a beautiful high polished chrome pin was added to the collection; the price for the chrome was set by Dr. McNeese at $20.

     Early in the year 2019 upon seeing the change in the official P.A.W. crest (removal of the ascending “Christ” image), Dr. McNeese developed a newer chrome and burgundy trimmed lapel pin. Due to rising production costs the price of the 2019 pin was set at $21 USD.

     Proceeds from the sale of the lapel pin benefits the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

    100% of the lapel pin project including website labor, design, convention booth sales, fees, etc. is funded by Dr. La Monte McNeese / L. McNeese Ministries.

   The Presiding Bishop and First Lady of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World will always receive complementary lapel pins as needed during annual conventions.

     All former presiders will receive a complimentary pin as needed during each convention for life.

     As with most successful companies and organizations as well as denominations, the lapel pin represents the pride, esprit de corps and faith that the wearer has in the organization. The P.A.W. is the oldest oneness organization in the world and wearers of the Official P.A.W. Inc. Lapel Pin are happy and willing to proclaim that testimony.


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